India’s blue limousine on rails

The Deccan Odyssey: India’s blue limousine on rails

The Deccan Odyssey, India’s most luxurious train, has 21 coaches out of which 11 are used for guests and accommodation facilities and the others are used for facilities like dining, lounge, conference and health spa. The imperial carriages of the Maharajahs have inspired the Deccan Odyssey interiors. Different royal eras have inspired each of the coaches on this luxurious train.

The train is fully equipped and offers facilities like air conditioning, internet, and personalized guest amenities to make it a memorable journey. It also has a beautiful restaurant, well-stocked bar and a health spa and saloon to add to the colours of merriment.

All the 12 guest coaches are fitted with antique, cosy furniture to add an essence of royal comfort to your journey. The interiors of the cabin are made to suit the several moods you would feel will experiencing the glorious Indian landscape throughout the journey. Each cabin has enough space where the guests can roam freely and also the interiors are creatively fitted with a telephone, personal safe, attached bathrooms, air conditioning, and personal attendant,

The Deccan Odyssey is equipped with two multi-cuisine restaurants, Peshwa I and Peshawar II, the interiors of the restaurant are designed with decadence and the stewards are dressed in Maharashtrian attires to make the experience all the more Indian. The restaurants have a service cart that offers Oriental, Continental and Indian delicacies and the travellers are free to choose mouth-watering dishes from these cuisines.

 Mumbai Hi, the on-site bar of the Deccan Odyssey, has some of the best varieties of wine and. Spirits collected from all around the world. The interiors of the bar give out a vibe of ultimate relaxation with a touch of luxury.

 Every traveller requires time to unwind and relax; the Deccan Odyssey understands this need and has a beautiful spa on board to help you relax from a tiring day of sightseeing. The spa on-board offers massages that include oils and other ingredients from the treasure trove of Ayurveda, to refresh your senses and enrich your personality.

The conference car on board meets the need of corporate voyagers and are well equipped with audio-visual amenities to meet work needs, and the train also takes care of the hospitality requirements and customizes the needs of the corporate traveller.

No doubt the journey has no Place for boredom, but the Deccan Odyssey still offers its guests a sitting room or lounge area to experience the beautiful landscapes of India and to also satisfy the need to socialize by speaking to fellow travellers and getting to know different cultures and traditions. If you’re a reader, the lounge has a reading section too with world class books to choose from. They also have an indoor game section consisting of crosswords, puzzles, cards, chess and other board games.

With all of these beautiful features described in detail, I bet you’d want to experience the Deccan Odyssey too.  So, start off your experience by understanding the different routes and destinations. Book your tickets, make your PNR status enquiry and let your journey of decadence and luxury begin.

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