As we all know that the intake of water is very important for all the living things on the earth whether they are human beings, animals or plants. No one on the earth can survive without water. It is basic need and necessity for the survival. According to some facts a big grown apple tree consumes 20-30 litre of water in a day. And according to science a normal human body should consume at least 8-12 glass of water in a day to have the proper functioning of the whole body. Drinking water is important but when to drink water to get the best results are stated as follows:

  • Immediately after waking up: to have the best results of drinking water, it is also better to drink more water immediately after waking up from sleep. If we drink more water after waking up, it will boost our energy of the body and will help in removal of all the waste from the body that will make our body light. This will also result in making the mood light and good.
  • Before ever meal: according to some facts, it is always recommended to drinks water 30 minutes before taking every meal. As this water will help you to not to do over eating while having food. No overeating will result in weight loss and even maintaining a perfect body shape.
  • Before work out: it is always recommended to drink a lot of water before going for workout. As during the workout session, the body temperature will rise that will result in water loss from body. The severe water loss while workout can cause dehydration which is not a good thing.
  • When you feel tired: whenever you feel tired, we should consume adequate amount of water. As we all know major part of water is retained by human brain. To relax the brain while we are tired, it is always good to have adequate amount of water as it will help in restoring back brain efficiency.

These are the habits to be followed for drinking water. Now comes the water which is to be consumed. Earth which is also called as blue planet is 71% of surface is covered with water. Out of that 97% water is in form of seas, oceans and rivers and only 3% of water is ground water that is fit for drinking.  And this 3% of water is carelessly used and is being harmed by many human activities that is resulting in making this ground water unfit for drinking. Water is being categorized into two that is soft water and hard water. Hard water is the water that is having small particles that can cause deposits in taps where as soft water is water that is free from all such dust particles. So it is important to install water softener at home. Water softener cost is one-time investment that will you free from all the headaches of taps being such with the dust particles. It also makes the water little fit for drinking as it makes water free from all the sediments particles.

Another new technology in market for the purification of water are water purifiers. Installation of these water purifier is full-fledged process which is divided into steps. Following are the steps that are to be followed to get the water purifier install at home:

  • Call and request RO service request: The first and foremost step in installation is to call the toll free no of the water purifier company and ask for the request of their service at your home. Every water purifier company has its own roll free number from where you can take the information regarding the water purifier, its functions, design, capacity to filter water at a time and the price. Different companies have different models of water purifier; it is the wish of customer to choose the best model of water purifier for their home.
  • Get technician confirmation: after all the information by the customer, he has to confirm the booking for the technician who is going to come to their home to install the water purifier. It is important for the first time to get the water purifier install by the company technician, as they are expert in them and also will give more details about the functions of the water purifier.
  • Schedule the visit time: after confirmation of the water purifier, the customer can schedule the date and time on which the technician will come to you home to install the water purifier. Many companies provide online services where you can book the water purifier and also tell the date and time when the professionals can come for their services.
  • Pay only after the services are done: the last step installation is the payment for the water purifier and service. Many companies have the policy that the customer will pay after he receives all the services regarding water purifier. This policy is very good as the company first wants to satisfy their customer.

There are many benefits of water purifier installation at home.Following are the benefits of drinking filtered water:

  • drinking fit and adequate amount of water results in good effects on the human body. Drinking portable water results in weight loss.
  • drinking fit and adequate amount of water also results in keeping the skin hydrated and more glowing. Drinking more water will add beauty to our skin.
  • in a nut shell, drinking filtered water in adequate amount is good for health. It keeps the skin hydrated and glowing and also keeps the body toxin free.

Apart from all these benefits, water filter has some of the disadvantages like these water purifiers are expensive and it is not possible for everyone to get it install at homes. Even these water filters waste a lot of water while filtering the water which is not good for environment. So it is better to go for the most convenient water filter and slot p find out the ways to conserve the water that is being wasted by these filters.

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