Embossing and debossing printing services on Wallet in USA

Embossing and debossing printing services for Wallet Packaging in USA

Wallet boxes are the most important factor that influence the sales of wallets, apart from brand image. And thus, they need to be beautiful and attractive

Wallet boxes are used to package, transport and present a wallet to potential buyers. It is used to make sure that the product is not damaged and reaches the retailer safely. Similarly, Wallet boxes play the role of providing storage and protection to ladies’ purses. The fact that these items are a necessity of sorts; to keep cash, important documents and others like credit cards, safe and secure. Therefore, sales are guaranteed. But the company which makes these sales is not. And that is why companies go to lengths in order to package their products in the most beautiful and creative way possible.

Wallet Packaging and its Need:

Wallets and purses are common in everyday use and being rough and tough is prerequisite. But, factors like water damage their outer layers e.g. leather expands and cracks and peels off if in contact with water. Therefore, to protect the items before they are bought, we need packaging. Another use for storage, whether it is after production in the company warehouse, or the retail warehouse. The packaging should not allow any damage to the product while in transit, as well as ensuring safe storage facilities before being on display. And once on display, the wrapping serves to prolong shelf life and attract consumers to the product. Wallet packaging is almost as important as factors like quality, material used, storage space, compartments and color, in ensuring that the consumer is influenced into buying a wallet from your company. Manufacturers like Hermes, Bally, and Tom Ford use various designs and themes in order to make sure that their product stands out, such as eco-friendly boxes, luxury wallet boxes, 3D designs, holographic covers etc. One of the most common and effective technique is embossing and debossing.

Embossing and Debossing:

This is a type of packaging design that serves to beautify the product. Both of them create a surface that allows the consumer to feel compelled to touch it and run their fingers over the item. This pull is what the company is aiming for. Apart from providing the product with a unique and aesthetic appearance, they are used to give the product a fresh and more contemporary feel. The effect can be amplified by using other creative design techniques like foil stamping and texturing, and ensure that the wallet is presented as something of a luxury item, rather than a common item. There is a difference between both methods, though. Embossing refers to a technique in which you print a pattern or text on a surface such that it is raised, and creates a 3D effect. This is achieved by using a specifically designed stamp that is pushed into the surface with enough force to create a tri dimensional abrasion on the surface, in the shape of the design, logo or text on the stamp. Debossing is the exact opposite of this. You imprint a specific design with force on a plain surface. This creates a depression in the exact shape of the stamp; this depression can be beautified by filling it with ink to give it an exquisite effect. These techniques are used by companies like DJNY and Bandana Cabana, to create a classy and signature look for their wallet and purse storage boxes.

Packaging and Sales: 

Consider yourself an individual who goes into a shop to buy a wallet, and does not know much about the brands and product quality. You look at the display shelf and see a beautifully embossed or debossed box, which projects a certain sense of identity and luxury. You choose that box, impressed by the packaging. Already you have created an image of the product and the company. A positive impression created just by the box influenced you into making a choice that resulted in you getting a good quality product, and the company revenue. This all was made possible by the impact of the packaging alone. And it is even a hypothetical situation. 67% of US consumers admit that the packaging of a product is the first thing that influences their choice of whether to buy the item or not. Embossing and debossing is thus, the main factor that makes consumers decide between one Wallet Company and the other. Wallet embossing services like North Star Leather, Sam Swick Leather Goods, and Fox Creek Leather provide embossing and debossing at cheap rates. Wallet gift box imprinting and other fancy designs are also provided by such companies all over the country. We know that the presentation of a particular product matters a lot in determining the consumer’s perception of the value they attribute to it. When it comes to a wallet, we need to consider the fact that the retailers often do not display them in the open, rather in their boxes. The customer has to be impacted by a simple box. How to ensure that the right impression is made? This is where designs and creative methods like embossing etc. are used. Therefore, wallet manufacturers need to take into account their importance and incorporate them in the manufacturing process.

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