Brewery In Hombourg

Grain D’orge Brewery In Hombourg

There is no denying that beer made in a microbrewery has a touch of extra care and is more flavoursome. Well, that’s how beer lovers like to believe. And when it is about microbrewery and great beer it is almost impossible to ignore the importance of Belgium.

Each year many beer connoisseurs travel to the Europe for a fantastic Belgium Brewery Tour. And these breweries are not your usual industrial places, but microbrewery. So let’s first talk about what is a microbrewery and why are they so much loved.

In the matter of scale, a microbrewery is comparatively smaller like a home-run business. And yes, that’s why they are termed as micro. For instance, an industrial brewery will produce millions of barrels of beer as the yearly production. But a microbrewery will only produce about 15,000 barrels.

Why microbrewery is more preferred?

Microbreweries are all about specialty beer or boutique beer. In other words, you can drink different types of beer in one place. Each has its own taste, flavour, and colour. The owners of microbreweries always love to play with flavours and ingredients to produce distinct types of beers. People who love beer always want to experiment with the new taste. If that is what your wish is, then craft beer is your thing.

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Since microbreweries are smaller in size. Some have their own pub and tasting room attached. One such place is the Grain D’Orge brewery that is known for its custom beer and has been in the market since 2002. It organizes small-group beer tours as per the availability.

Many well-known microbreweries arrange small parties to showcase their creativity and allow tasting too. You can also take part in a theme-based beer tour organized by some microbrewers around Belgium.

It always feels good to appreciate the hard work of the craft brewers and the beer-making process. People who have a passion to learn more about how things are done in craft brewing, a beer tour is the best way to quench that interest.

Why Belgium for a craft beer tour?

No matter what you speak- Dutch, French or English, Belgium welcomes you for a fun-filled beer tour. In this place, beer is like a luxurious indulgence. Since ages, the tradition of beer has been running. Now it has over 180 breweries.

For the ultimate good beer taste, you must visit the Hombourg region and taste the custom made beers of the famous Grain D’Orge brewery. It is located in a quaint village that gives the vibe of old-world charm and cosiness. You will feel warm and experience authentic flavours. Here visitors can get to taste the traditional varieties along with the customized flavours. This microbrewery has also been given the quality label.

The best part of this microbrewery is that it has a facility to arrange banquet as per request. Also, visitors can taste beers and enjoy a lovely time experiencing the history of this place. A group requires 10 people and a maximum of 60 for a beer tour.

If beer tour sounds interesting to you, make sure you visit Belgium and make memories with beer.

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