Good health is one of the precious possessions of a man. It is rightly said that healthy mind exists in a healthy body. Safe drinking water is one of the first requirement for a disease free body. Nowadays, water pollution is on peek which gives rise to debris and various harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Water should be drunk only if its purity is known which makes necessary the process of water purification. Filtering and purifying water has become very essential in this rapidly growing world and makes water safe and clean to drink. This is the process by which unwanted chemical compounds and inorganic materials are removed from water.

METHODS OF WATER PURIFICATION: Majority of the water is purified after being pumped from its natural source. There are 4 basic methods which makes water safe for drinking:

  • BOILING : It is a cheap method for purifying water. Boiling water for few minutes kills all the germs and harmful bacteria.
  • DISTILLATION: The process of distillation uses heat to collect water in form of vapor and is ideal for purifying small quantities of water.
  • CHLORINATION : High dose of Chlorine is used to treat water and is effective to kill germs and parasites present in tap water.
  • FILTRATION: it is one of the most effective way of purifying water. It uses both physical and chemical processes. This technique is considered more healthy as compared to others as it does not diminish all the mineral salts.

REVERSE OSMOSIS : Healthy water is available in different variations. One of its most common form is reverse osmosis. It provides us with superior quality of water and removes  virus, parasites and VOCs such as odour, pesticides and heavy metals which protects us from absorbing them. One must prefer RO water filters with mineralizer or TDS modulator feature. They give us access to pure water at a reasonable cost.

INDUSTRIAL WATER PURIFICATION : Filtration is used as a vital step in many industrial processes. Since global water resources are diminishing demand for industrial water purification is really high. Industrial drinking  water filters are used to remove impurities from water or waste water streams and are used for different applications like ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration. While deciding for the right type of filter to use factors like volume of impurities and particle sizes are to be considered. These water systems are cheaper than packaged water and produces high quality drinking water.

INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT PLANT : Before discharging industrial water it needs to be treated to prevent any harm on the environment. Though there are many advanced technologies available in market ,  one of best solution for this is industrial RO water plant which helps in eradicating contaminated water. Since water is one of the most important substance on earth and used in every small or large quantity its treatment has become a necessity which explains the need for installing water treatment plant. It is equipped with semi permeable membrane which block all types of contaminated particles .It squeezes out what is good and throws out undesirable residue. All the disease causing parasites are removed from water sources. It is one of the best method in purifying water for industrial and printing processes.

TREATMENT PROCESSES : RO water plant or any other commercial RO system consists of various processes which includes:

  • Treatment of water by addition of Chlorine
  • Softening of water
  • Filtering of sand
  • Removing carbon filters
  • Removal of contaminated particles with the help of cartridge filters.

 For security purpose filters  are available either in covering or compact form. Industrial water purifier is used in numerous industries such as chemical, pharmaceuticals and food Apart from these filtration methods  doctors recommend drinking of warm water and water from copper vessels for a healthy lifestyle. Following are the benefits of drinking warm water :

  • REDUCES BODY PAIN : Drinking warm water has powerful effects. It helps in curing stomach pains, muscular cramps and all body aches. Affordable by one and all.
  • AIDS DIGESTION : It helps in proper digestion and keeps us hydrated. It activates our digestive tract. It also aids in eliminating waste.
  • RELIEVE CONSTIPATION: Drinking hot water regularly keeps us healthy and helps in passing out of old waste water trapped in the intestines.
  • TREATS SORE THROAT : In case your have a bad throat and your nose gets blocked best way is to start drinking warm water. It is also beneficial during cough and cold.
  • DECREASES STRESS LEVEL : It helps in improving the functioning of central nervous system , decreases the stress and makes us feel calm and relaxed.
  • PREVENTS EARLY AGEING : Drinking water with lemon not only makes your skin glow but also lessens acne. It detoxifies our body.

 Drinking warm water with honey helps in reducing weight and burning of calories. Moreover, it boosts our immunity. It is best to consume this water early morning. Consuming copper enriched water on an empty stomach every morning is very beneficial as copper has purification property. It is helpful in promoting good health . Copper water helps in curing various physical ailments thereby, leading  a healthy lifestyle.

COMMERCIAL WATER  FILTERS : It can benefit any sector where clean and safe to drink water is required in large quantities. Installation of filtered water dispenser is easy and quick solution particularly, in restaurants. It makes service easier and seamless including variety of types of water like chilled water, flavored water or normal water. These filters provide chemical free water for preparation of food and beverages. It also reduces risk of breakdowns and related costs.

The threat of contaminants present in water cannot be overlooked. Water treatment methods should be taken into serious consideration as it lessens global warming and reduces the risk of greenhouse gas. There are many homely alternatives which helps in purification of water. Reverse osmosis and distillation are among these. However, the best technology to stay healthy and fit is water purification. It is more effective as compared to other water treatment methods. Good health is a great blessing and healthy persons are an asset to our economy.

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