Uber For Makeup Artists & Beauty Services – Types, Concept, Features & Cost

In the era of digital world, we want everything online from ordering food to utilizing the beauty services. The idea of Uber for beauty services is the perfect example of it. Today, many people are showing interest in creating the on-demand applications for beauty services. Well, if you are also one of them, here we have figure out a few essential factors about such an app. These factors will give you a clear idea about the features and approximate cost of building the on-demand beauty service app:

Types of on-demand app for beauty services:

If we consider the types of on-demand beauty service app, there are mainly 5 types of apps we found:

  1. Uber for makeup artist
  2. Uber for haircuts
  3. Uber for female beauty services
  4. Uber for male beauty services
  5. Uber for massage services

Concept of on-demand apps for beauty services:

The concept behind developing on-demand apps for beauty services is quite simple:

It provides all kind of beauty services to the users without wasting their time. Additionally, they have the option to choose 5-star services as everything is visible on the application. Similarly, if we view the app from a provider point of view, they can get the chance to impress their clients and connect them with the services for a long time.

Features of the demand apps for beauty services:

The very first, understand the different panels of the application that are customer panel, service expert and admin.

Customer panel:

  • Can select a professional beautician and can send the request for service
  • Can choose the beauty service as per unique requirement
  • can view the services delivered by the beautician
  • Can select the date and book appointment
  • Can choose their specific payment mode
  • Can provide the review and rating to the service
  • Can view the record of booked services
  • Can view the subscribe packages
  • Can chat with the beauty expert

Service expert panel:

  • Can view the booking
  • Can view the booking calendar
  • Can accept, reject or reschedule the booking
  • Can accept the payment if customers choose Cash on Delivery mode

Admin Panel:

  • Works as administrator
  • Can manage the entire activities of user
  • Can manage the entire activities of service expert
  • Can approve or reject the registration request of service expert or salon owner
  • Can view the reports of all requests, payments
  • Can manage the payment-related information

Other than that, there is another important panel in on-demand beauty service app. The name of this panel is Salon owner panel and the features of this panel is as follows:

  • Can view the request of users
  • Can assign the service expert as per their availability and demand
  • Can manage their own catalog and services
  • Can accept or reject the user request
  • Can add or modify the price of services

So, these are the features for Uber for services application. By keeping all these features in mind, a developer can easily build the app that certainly liked by the users, service expert, and salon owner.

Cost of building on-demand service application

As per a recent report, the approximate cost of building a simple and basic feature-loaded on-Demand Beauty Service App will cost around $15,000 to $18,000. Whereas if you want to develop an application with the latest and most advanced features, it will cost you around $23,000- $30,000.

However, the actual prices of the application will completely depend on the size, functionality, and features you want to add in the application. Also, on which platform you want to build the app and from which country you are hiring the team of developers will make the remarkable effects on the cost.

Final Words:

This is all about the on-demand application for haircuts, makeup artists and other beauty services. Such apps offer tremendous benefits to the users, beauty salons and service experts. Thus, investing in such an application is the wisest choice.

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