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Things to note when buying villas in Dubai

There are people who are keen to buy a property in Dubai and all thanks to the internet they do get a lot of information about how can they approach to the process. But yes, internet gives information all in bits and pieces and hence one has to research with a lot of sincerity so that they miss out on nothing which is very serious.

So, when one is thinking of buying Dubai villas, it is always better to keep certain pointers in mind which are necessary.

  • The very first thing that one needs to clear in their mind is the difference between the freehold and the leasehold areas. There are a lot of people who get confused in between the two. Now what exactly are these two? Well, there was a time when it was not possible for a foreign national to buy a land or a property in Dubai. But from 2000 onwards expats were allowed to buy a property here and the areas where they can venture for buying are the freehold lands. Leasehold areas on the other hand are the ones where one cannot buy but lease a property for more than 10 years and less than 99 years. The local emirates can buy a property anywhere in Dubai but when it comes to expats it has to be within the designated communities.
  • One has to make sure that they have a proper purpose for buying a property in Dubai. There has to be a motivation behind it. The properties that are available in Dubai are mostly expensive and so one has to be a solid reason to buy them. They can be bought if one is working there for long and it is better to buy a house rather than renting one. When doing that, one needs to keep into consideration the hospitals, schools and other amenities around. There are some people who want to invest in Dubai real estate as well because they can bring them some high return in turn of investing there.
  • If one has decided to buy a property in Dubai then one needs to research the areas that are available. One needs to have a close look at the community and then decide whether they want to buy the property there or not. Though this can be a long and a tiring process but one has to invest time here and it is necessary. One has to have a clear idea about the developer of the building and make sure that they are being constructed by someone who is well known. Then one also needs to know when the construction will be done, if it is still under work.
  • One must know that there is no property tax in Dubai and when one owns a residence there they only need to pay the annual service charges.

If these things are thoroughly researched, then buying a house or a villa in Dubai becomes much easier and a sorted process.

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