Places to visit in Bangalore

Places to visit in Bangalore on weekends

Popular by the title “Silicon Valley of India”, Bangalore or Bengaluru is one of the most advanced cities of India. From IT companies to education institutions, Bengaluru is growing in every sector each day. Besides that, this city has an area spreading to above 705 sq. km.

Most of the working people go for a movie or dinner to a nearby place. You can now plan something exciting these weekends. If you want a perfect picnic destination with your family members or friends, you can book a flight to Bengaluru. It has several places to explore which we discuss further in the article.

  1. Cubbon Park

If you want to spend few hours with nature, you can visit this beautiful park in Bengaluru. This park has a large area with more than 300 acres. It has plenty of plants and flowers all around the place. Besides that, the places in Cubbon Park include the State Archeological Museum, memorial hall, and others.  You can get great discount on ticket booking online Sasti Ticket coupons.

  1. Brigade Road

You cannot miss this entertaining spot while touring Bengaluru. It is one of the most favorite spots of the residents as well as tourists who want to enjoy shopping. The place has a good metro railway network and you can easily get one to reach anywhere within the city. Brigade Road has a beautiful atmosphere with colorful shops.

  1. Iskcon Temple

An elegant place to get mental relaxation is Iskcon temple. This temple has beautiful architecture and interior work. The pond near the temple makes the environment pure and pleasant to spend time with family. There are many shrines inside Iskcon temple worth to watch for tourists.

  1. UB city

You can now purchase the royal items in this Mall. UB city is a famous mall selling luxurious accessories. The mall covers an area of more than 16 lakh sq. ft. You can find commercial and retail shops in the UB city mall. It is very near to M.G road and you can visit this mall by cab. You can spend many hours with family or friends in this mall.

  1. Government Aquarium

This is one of the most famous places of attraction in the city. You can witness many fish species in this aquarium. Apart from that, this is the 2nd biggest aquarium in India with fish species such as Goldfish, Siamese Fighters, and Freshwater Prawns and so on. It is one of the best places for wildlife photographers.

  1. Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Bengaluru is rich in nature and this garden proves it well. Lalbagh Botanical Garden is another popular tourist spot in the city with various plant and flower species. It has long lanes where people can enjoy long walks with their partners, friends or siblings. The annual flower show is the major reason why many people visit this park daily.

  1. Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum

If you are a tech-savvy, you must visit this museum once while your trip to Bengaluru. It showcases some of the best inventions of all time. You can gain much valuable knowledge about science and technology in this museum. It has a dinosaur’s gallery, Wright brothers’ flying machine, motor cars, and first commercial vehicle and much more. You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring.

  1. Phoenix Market city

This is one of the largest shopping centers in Bengaluru. It covers an area of 1.4 million sq. ft. You can enjoy shopping, movies, foods, and games all in one place. This shopping center has shops for many popular brands. You can buy footwear, home décor items, clothes, fashion accessories and lots more from this place. It is one of the best places to hang out with friends and relatives.

  1. National Gallery of Modern Art

You must visit this place if you have love for art. It contains the paintings of some of the famous Indian painters and artists. You can watch the paintings of Rabindranath Tagore, Jamini Roy, Amrita Sher-Gil and others. Further, this gallery has a museum shop, cafeteria, library and auditorium where you can spend a lot of time.

  1. Bangalore Palace

This city is also blessed with historical places apart from parks and malls. It is the place where the royal family of Bangalore stayed for many years. The Tudor Revival architecture inside the building will grab your attention more and more. It also has an amusement park wherein you can enjoy water rides and other rides.


So now, you can plan your trip to Bengaluru this weekend and give a surprise to your family and friends with art, fun, food and more.

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