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How to Install Mobile Tracker in Android

The mobile tracking app enables the end-user to keep tabs on a cell phone device without accessing it.Using the app, you can supervise activities performed on a phone by the target. The app is designed for parents and business persons to remotely monitor smartphones of children and employees. It enables them to restrict their concerned ones from wrongdoings and unproductive doings. Read on to know how you can install a mobile tracker app on android device.

Android Mobile Tracking App

Want to know how your kids are using their smartphones? Get their devices installed with tracker app to keep an eye on every digital activity of your children.Using the app, you can be virtually present around your little ones and can protect them from potential dangers.It helps to safeguard them from persecutors, predators, pedophiles, scammers and abusers. It lets you know where your kids are and with whom. You can listen to their conversations and capture their actions without them knowing.

How Android Surveillance App Works

The app gets access to important information saved on your target’s phone. It includes chats, emails, photos, videos, voice recordings, keylogs, browsinghistory and so on. The app secretly uploads whole data to the online portal of the phone tracking app. The end-user of the app can sign into the online portal from any mobile phone or computer device and retrieve data. Moreover, the user can send command to the targeted phoneto control some functions such as screen recording, photo and video making.

How to Install Android Monitoring Software

To take advantage of the android spyware, you need to subscribe the app first. Be vigilant while choosing an app for mobile phone spying as a bad choice can make you lose money without getting results.We have reviewed some of the best android monitoring apps and found a few suitable apps for parents and employers. TheOneSpy, OgyMogy, Net Nanny and MMGuardian are some of the finest apps for android tracking.

Once you subscribe your needed tracking solution, download and install the app on your target’s phone following the given procedure. We have discussed here the installation process of TheOneSpy to help you understand how easy it is to get a monitoring app installed on a device. Many other monitoring apps can be installed on an android device in almost same way.

Things to Make Sure Before App Installation

  • Before you download or install the app on a phone, make sure the phone is compatible with the spy app.
  • Root your android phone first, if the app runs only on rooted device.
  • Fully chargeyour device, so the battery does not run out during app installation.
  • Make sure your device remains connected to a stable internet connection during installation procedure.

Step-By-Step Installation Guide

We have explained the installation process of mobile spy app in a few simple steps. Follow the given procedure to install any spy app on android devices.

Step 1

Open internet browser on the targeted phone and go to the official website of the monitoring app. For example, go to TheOneSpyto download the app.  You can also go totheonespy.comto start downloading the app right away.

Step 2

Once the download completes, go to Downloads in Application Manager and run the downloaded apk file.

Step 3

As you open the file, it will notify you about features and data app will get access to. Allow the app to have access and continue process.

Step 4

Once the app is installed, it will ask to enter activation key to start the app. You might have received this key via email at the time of app subscription.

Step 5

At this point, the app will give you choice to hide or unhide the app icon. Make a selection as per your convenience and start tracking the targeted device.

The installation and activation process is complete but there are a few important things remaining. Make sure you remove all clues of downloading spy app. Go to Downloads and delete app apk file. Also, open the internet browser and remove the download link. If you have downloaded any other browser to download the app, uninstall that browser as well.

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