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How the concept of student accommodation is turning a new leaf over

Consider those times when you have moved cities for your further studies. If your educational institution or university had a vacant room then you could consider yourself to be really lucky.

Difference between Paying Guest and a rented house

Rented accommodation means an entire house is provided to the tenant.  This is in striking contrast to a PG hostel in Chennai where an individual is provided a shared area for an accommodation. The owner is known to take care of the food and other facilities. With an owner a guest needs to share space.

If a person owns a house and stays there he is staying in his own home. Considering another angle a person is forced to stay at another place where he does not have any accommodation facility. Then he has no choice apart from renting a home or to stay as a PG. To stay at hotels would not be a wise move as the costs would shoot up. So an individual is left with a couple of choices, either to stay as a PG or to rent a home.

In case of a rented home the landlord rents out a home to a tenant. The entire house has to be handed over to the tenant and in lieu of the services; the tenant has to give rent. In fact payment of the rent could be undertaken on a monthly or annual basis. It could be a furnished or a semi furnished home. Since the landlord does not stay at the premises complete privacy of the tenant is assured. But they can give instructions to the tenant as they could evolve to the maintenance of a home. In most cases a security deposit is taken by the landlord who is refundable at the time of exit. At the same time a tenant has to pay for the electricity bills.

The concept of PG men’s hostel in Chennai is a hit among the students community. Pretty much like the name this gives you a feel of being a guest. This means that a person gets treatment as a guest but he has to cough up money for the accommodation provided. The reason why it is referred to as PG is because, a single room or some space is provided and the owner could be residing at the same place. In the current scenario PG could also mean a form of accommodation that is shared by many people and the owner is not likely to stay at the same flat. The facility of food is provided along with a host of other facilities.

Eventually it depends upon the owner of a PG on what services they want to provide as part of the facility. One more important point to consider is bachelors prefer PG. This is a straight forward fact and there is no reason to lose sleep over it. All the basic expenses in a PG are taken care of by the owner themselves.

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