Meghalaya and its tourist attractions

How can nature lovers get delighted from Meghalaya and its tourist attractions?

If you love to enjoy your vacation in a pleasant and green landscape, you can prefer Meghalaya.  It is an excellent destination that appears like a home of clouds.   This unique feature makes it a widely famous monsoon travel place for folks who love the considerable rainfall. This destination is classified into three major hills. These are vital attractions that grab the heart of many folks towards this destination and encourage them to visit this place again and again. When you plan your trip to this awesome destination, you can make all the necessary arrangements. The information available at  helps you to make a proper decision quickly.

When to visit Meghalaya?

The climate condition of this tourist destination differs from an altitude. The weather condition of Jaintia Hills and Khasi is both bracing as well as pleasant. It is not very warm during summer or very cold during winter.  The average climate is humid and warm.

What are the famous tourist spots?

It is pleasing news for everyone that there are tons of tourist attractions is available in Khasi Hills. It includes:

  • Living Root Bridges

Probably, it is the most popular attraction well-known for its dense and green tropical forests.  This entire region is shrouded in rain and cloud for most of the time of a year.  They are the most beautiful and human-made wonders recognized as living root bridges. There are two major places available to see in this region. It includes Mawlynnong and Cherrapunji.

  • Dawki–Shnongpdeng

It is a border region of Dawki.  This destination is really worth visiting due to its emerald and pristine Umngot River. Here, tourists can get an excellent opportunity to take the heart-grabbing boat ride smoothly along the beautiful ride. It can be considered as the cleanest water body on earth.

  • Laitlum Canyon

If you are highly interested in taking an excellent day trip to the Sacred Forest of Mawphlang, you can prefer Laitlum Canyon. The most striking feature of this destination is that it let folks to get a feel that they can reach the end of the globe. It is just an hour of Shillong. The specific thing about this tourist place is that it allows you to explore an open expanse of the gorge.  The overall 350 or many other inhabitants of remote villages always rely on an extremely rustic cable pulley. It helps them to transport their food and many other essential goods across the valley.

  • Caves

Meghalaya is a highly appropriate region for getting outstanding cave watching experience in India. It is because there are over a thousand caves there in this destination. When it comes to Mawsmai, it is a beloved cave that is situated close to Cherrapunji. This well-maintained cave is suitable for all kinds of tourists. The Garden of Caves is available close to Laitmawsiang village. It is the most spectacular cave that includes beautiful waterfalls. It is excellent news for everyone that the tourism industry of this state conducts some caving expeditions for cave lovers.

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