Delta Cancellation Policy

Delta Cancellation Policy: – Rules for the passengers

I keep on traveling to mainland China every once in a while because of my business trip but now I have to cancel my reservations. The coronavirus is not only swallowing the lives of the people but is also hampering the business world. In fact, I have also had a great loss after canceling my business meeting this year. The facility of Delta Cancellation Policy is now coming handy as the number of cancellations happening because of Corona virus is increasing at a titanic speed. Never in my life, I have canceled a reservation because of which I was unaware of the rules and guidelines. I went to the official website of Delta Airlines and tapped on the Delta Cancellation Policy to know the procedure of canceling the ticket as well as the rules and regulations.

Delta Cancellation Policy:

After reaching on the website I gathered the following information:

Delta Cancellation Policy affirms patrons who are dropping their bookings made with Delta Airlines within the initial 24 hours of the reservations do not need to meet any cancellation charge. It stated that the airline accepts the US department rules. Under this rule, there is an objection to the type of fare bought by the passenger and s/he will get a full refund. Apart from the 24-hour rule, the passenger has to be sure that the cancellation must be executed at least 7 days prior to the departure of the flight otherwise the rule will not signify. It is a brownie point for the passengers who have made a mistake while making the reservation or are not sure about their journey and want to execute any modifications within 24 hours of the purchase.

Delta Airline Cancellation fee:

The cancellation prices implemented by Delta Airline is as follows:

  • The cancellations that are performed within the stipulated time frame of 24 hours after the purchase apply zero fees and a full refund is given despite the type of fare acquired by the passenger.
  • The cancellation charge is between $200 to $500 if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the evacuation of the flight.
  • The cancellation price can be within $200 to $500 only in case the cancellation is executed exceeding the specified time frame of 24 hours notwithstanding the type of ticket purchased by the passenger.

Rules for the passengers who buy the Non Refundable tickets:

Refundable and Nonrefundable Are the two types of fares available on the official website of Delta Airlines. The passenger that buys the nonrefundable ticket with Delta is allowed to cancel the booking either online on the website itself or by communicating to the client service facility that is accessible 24×7.

In case there is a valid cause for the cancellation and the customer is able to render accurate reports then there are possibilities that the airline will grant a refund on the similar account of the traveler that was used to make the reservation.

Rules for the passengers who buy the Refundable tickets:

Delta Cancellation Policy allows supreme versatility to its patrons by providing them the ease to receive a refund after reserving the refundable tickets on the official website. The passenger just needs to fill in the refund claim form and after the claim has been implemented the refund will be received within 10 banking days.

  • In order to start with the Delta cancellation method, the traveler has to go to the official website of the airline and then log into the account created with Delta  Airlines for which they need to have access to the internet. (The login tab can be beheld on the Homepage of the website)
  • Tap on the tab that says “My Trips” or “Bookings”
  • Now select on the reservation that needs to be canceled.
  • After making the selection on the booking a pop-up message will flash on the screen that will ask to confirm if you are sure to cancel the reservation selected or not.
  • Once the passenger hits the confirmation key, the tickets will be canceled precisely.
  • Now a message or email will be received by the passenger from the airline about the successful cancellation process.
  • A necessary cancellation fee will be deducted (if any) from the refund amount and the remaining will be credited to the account from which the reservation was made.
  • Simply contact the customer service of Delta Airlines if you get stuck anywhere in the aforementioned process

I was able to cancel the Delta reservations without any hassle and got a refund within 10 business days.

If you are also canceling your tickets with Delta Airlines because of the fear of Coronavirus then do not forget to visit the official website and know the cancellation fee and Delta Cancellation Policy. 

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