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All You Need to Know About Fantasy Cricket

Across the globe one can find several games in which people are much interested. Cricket is also one such game that is played in various countries. However, internationally there are only a few countries which play it but the thrill it offers is nothing less than the biggest games played ever. Many people love to play the game on ground while those who cannot play it due to any reason love to watch the game on various mediums. Those who love the game but cannot play on ground can go for the fantasy cricket game which is played online with the help of any digital device. The game is easy to play and follow. One can  play it alone, with any other player on the internet or with friends around also.

In the present scenario, Fantasy Cricket has become a big part of the cricket world. Including such fantasy cricket games would heighten the excitement and experience for any game.

But some wonders about the issue that’s Fantasy Cricket? Before going into the specifics of what’s a cricket fantasy game, we need to understand how the fantasy universe functions and also the various formats.

People from all over the world participate in fantasy tournaments, using the same theory. The world of fantasy is very strong in Western countries like the USA and the UK.

Through sports such as Basketball and American Football are the key ones in the world of fantasy, Fantasy Cricket has yet to develop into a bankable market.

 Fantasy Cricket: A craze with the young generation

With cricket becoming India’s most-watched sport, Online Fantasy Cricket apps such as Dream11, Game of Guru and SuperFantasyLobby provide a forum for cricket enthusiasts to showcase their love for the game.

  • There are more than fifty online cricket fantasy leagues in the country given how the T20 format revolutionized the sport.
  • While the IPL fantasy leagues were to build the buzz among the Indian public in the first place, other leagues like the BBL, BPL and CPL have collaborated with different platforms to provide the ultimate experience.
  • Before jumping into the Fantasy Cricket range in India, let’s take a closer look at how the fantasy app can make a person win money.

The response to the question is simple: What is Fantasy Cricket? Think of yourself as a team leader, and select 11 players from two teams. Unlike the actual cricket game, depending on your instincts, you can choose from either side.

 Indian industry is seeing a budding growth in the trend

Much to the delight of Indian fans, the latest scenario involves several online fantasy cricket leagues. While the international match contests are still jam-packed with fantasy players, matches involving associated nations like Oman and the UAE are also gaining traction.

Although the ODI and Test fantasy contests are more exciting and demanding, the town’s talk is about T20 contests. From the IPL Fantasy League to the Global T20 League, fantasy fans are waiting to pounce on the occasion.

The Indian Premier League is the world’s most-watched league. The IPL Fantasy League is still, of course, the most played, even though the others are steadily compensating for a missed time.

 Is fantasy cricket legal?

While the confusion about what is cricket fantasy is cleared up above, it’s imperative to understand that cricket fantasy in India is absolutely legal. While betting sites in the country are not legal, fantasy cricket is nothing like betting on a given game. Fantasy cricket requires a higher level of ability and game knowledge to be competitive and to win money. The existence of over 50 fantasy sports applications is a reason for the legality of Indian fantasy cricket. Moreover, according to the legislation, the winnings are still subject to vat.

 Getting to know about the best fantasy cricket apps

Though Dream11 is the undoubted leader on the Indian fantasy market, with Dream11, several upcoming sites including Game of Guru, Faboom, Halaplay and MyCircle11 are also right up there. There’s no dearth of chances for Indian cricket fans with thousands of contests opening up at any moment. The residents may not be able to access the aforementioned websites as for Fantasy Cricket US. But there are websites like one cricket app and where residents of the US can match their wits in fantasy cricket.

 How can you play fantasy cricket?

Here are some simple fantasy cricket tips you should bear in mind before you enter the fantasy cricket universe. You can read 15 Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks to get more tricks and tips.

  • Choosing a balanced team could help you earn some money. But in grand leagues, it can not help you win tonnes of money.
  • Don’t just take out more players from one side. There’s a rule that restricts players to only choosing seven from one hand.
  • The same holds for batsmen too. People prefer to choose more batsmen and all-rounders rather than bowlers. Both are equally important, and they can win games for you.
  • If the fantasy platform wallet is running short of cash, use bonus codes to earn extra credit. While you can’t directly remove the bonus cash, you can still use it to win money.
  • Be imaginative with your picks on fantasy. Choosing the best 11 players on paper may not be highly effective. Risk-taking would be fruitful as cricket sport is unpredictable in nature.


Although the idea behind fantasy cricket is fascinating, a degree of ability and experience is needed to succeed. While there may be a touch of luck involved, cricket fantasy has certainly revolutionized the cricket experience. There are a few fantasy tips websites to help the fans out too. Although Fan code, run by Dream11, offers news, fantasy tips and also live games telecasting, there are several others that regularly provide fantasy tips. Also on the rise is the popularity of lineup optimizers where you can insert a few criteria to get thousands of teams. One such lineup optimizer that is used by the Indian public is SuperFantasyLobby.

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