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6 Amazing & Powerful Health Benefits of Eating Parsley

Parsley is a mild green colored Mediterranean herb that is used in the fresh as well as in the dried form. It can be included in a number of recipes. You must use parsley on a regular basis not only for its taste but also for its numerous health benefits.

Parsley contains vitamins A, D and K. It must be noted that Vitamin K is required for blood clotting as well as for bone health. Parsley also contains folate and potassium. This herb has very little fat content. It must be noted that Parsley has very low calories.


Parsley is known to have a number of health benefits. The different nutrients in parsley are mainly responsible for the different health benefits. These health benefits make this herb as an absolute powerhouse of health and goodness. Listed below are some of the health benefits of parsley.

  1. Natural diuretic:

Parsley is a natural diuretic. It helps in removing excess fluid from the body. The best thing is that it will not deplete the body of potassium when it removes the excess fluids from the body. Parsley is known to help in preventing water retention and it also helps in preventing edema that is bloating.

  1. Antioxidant effect:

Antioxidants are required to prevent cellular damage in the body. Parsley has antioxidants like vitamin C,flavonoids (myricetin and apigenin) and carotenoids (beta carotene and lutein). Flavonoids help in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease etc. Antioxidants help in the management of chronic diseases and it helps in improving the immunity of the body. This will help in fighting different diseases and will help the body to remain healthy.

  1. Good for the bones:

Parsley is found to be good for the bone health. The bone health depends on certain vitamins and minerals. Parsley flakes is found to have a number of vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin K, which is said to be very important for bone health. Vitamin K supports osteoblasts, which are bone-building cells. This vitamin is important for maintaining the bone mineral density.

  1. Good for the eyes:

Parsley is said to be good for the eyes. This is because it contains 3 carotenoids which are helpful in maintaining healthy vision. These carotenoids are Lutein, beta carotene, and zeaxanthin. Lutein and zeaxanthin are believed to be useful in the management of age-related macular degeneration, which can result in blindness in the longer run. Vitamin A in parsley is said to be helpful in protecting the cornea and the conjunctiva of the eyes. Overall, we can say that parsley is very good for the eyes. It is mainly useful in the reduction of the risk of certain eye diseases like age-related muscular degeneration.

  1. May be good for cardiovascular health:

Parsley is said to be helpful in maintaining a healthy heart. It contains vitamin B and folate, which are believed to be helpful in maintaining cardiovascular health. Folic acid is said to reduce homocysteine, which is an amino acid and if this amino acid is present is high amount then it can damage the blood vessels and can increase the risk of heart disease.Therefore, the folic acid in parsley is actually helping in overcoming this risk to a certain extent.

  1. Helps in reducing inflammation:

Parsley contains an oil called eugenol. This oil is said to be very useful in fighting inflammation. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties and hence is found to be useful against arthritis. It helps in the management of the pain and inflammation that is associated with arthritis.

Some additional benefits of parsley that you ought to know:

Parsley is known to be useful in fighting a number of diseases. It is believed that it may be useful in the management of diseases like diabetes, asthma, atherosclerosis. It is also said to be useful in fighting allergies. According to certain studies, parsley is said to have antibacterial properties but its use in human being is not yet studied. But yes, we can expect that in the long run, we will get to understand the effect of these antibacterial properties in human beings. It is also said to be useful in reducing excess water weight.

As you can see, that parsley is filled with the goodness of many wonderful nutrients and hence it is very useful for our overall health. If you too want to experience, the wonderful health benefits of this wonderful herb then make sure that you include it in your daily diet. Here are some ways in which you can include parsley in your daily diet.

  • You can use it as a garnishing on veggies and other dishes.
  • You can even add it to salad dressings.
  • You can make delicious dips from parsley. Mix fresh parsley, a few leaves of mint, green chilies and salt and grind it into a paste. Now add a dash of lemon and your delicious dip is ready.
  • You can extract the juice of parsley and have it on a regular basis
  • You can also prepare a detox drink using parsley. For this, you need to combine parsley, apple, ginger, lemon juice and salt. Blend all these ingredients in the blender. To this thick mixture add water, refrigerate it, and enjoy your cool drink.

Parsley is surely one of the best herbs that we have. The best thing is that we can procure parsley with ease. Chewing parsley leaves on a daily basis can help you in remaining healthy. You can easily include parsley in a number of dishes. Parsley adds color, taste, and health to your food. So, enjoy having parsley on a daily basis.

It must be noted that we have only mentioned the different health benefits of parsley. It should be noted that parsley might only be useful in the management of certain ailments. It does not mean that it will cure ailments like heart disease or arthritis etc. If you are suffering from such issues then you must seek proper medical treatment.

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