boost WIFI signal

5 effective ways to boost WIFI signal

All your devices at home are naturally connected to the wi-fi. When this wi-fi does not reach your expectations, we do get annoyed. In some parts of your house, the internet connection might be poor,and the smart devices don’t work. There are many simple things you can do to boost your wi-fi signal at home:

  1. Choose the center location: Choosing the right location for your wi-fi router can make all the difference. We do know that like sound waves, your wi-fi signals also emit signals in all directions. If your wi-fi router is placed in a place with too many objects surrounding it, this weakens your wi-fi signal. Physical barriers like walls will also slow down your wi-fi signal. Metallic and electronic items placed near your router are bound to emit electromagnetic waves which is another hindrance for your wi-fi router.
  2. Regular updates: Just like how your phones need a quick update every now and then, your wi-fi router too needs a quick update. Make sure that your router is updated with the latest version of firmware available. You will have access to new security improvements and new feature upgrades for you, this means you will now have faster and improved signals. You will also want to improve and upgrade your router to protect it from any malware attacks that costs people a lot of money.
  3. Switch to a better antenna: The antenna that comes along with your wi-fi routers are usually small and weak. Go to the store and buy a stronger antenna. Stronger antennas are usually much larger than the ones that come along with your wi-fi router. Do not worry about the different types of antennas that are available, you have to buy the rubber duck antenna only.
  4. Remove leeches: How sure are you that your neighbors are not sipping on your bandwidth? If you have an unprotected wi-fi it is time to update it with a strong and secure password. Your neighbors updating their phones using your wi-fi is eating into your bandwidth and slows down the performance so make sure you remove leeches from your network. Set a password that cannot be guessed by anyone.
  5. Wi-Fi extender can be of great help: A wi-fi extender helps you amplify the wi-fi signal. Mywifiext is a great place for you to use this software. All it takes in most models is for you to push a button and it automatically boosts your wi-fi signal. A wi-fi repeater also boosts your signal in the same way as a wi-fi extender. So, whichever you choose to get, your signals will be improved for sure.

The Bottom Line

So, if you’re bothered by weak wi-fi signals and losing your mind over it. Then it is time for you to use these guidelines and get a stronger wi-fi signal with the minimum amount of work. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple channel switch and sometimes it takes a bit more. So what are you waiting for, just go mywifiexte and boost your wifi signal.

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